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Influencer dinner at 8oz Korean Steak House

 I'm back at it again, raving about how great it is to live in this city (Las Vegas), because we have some of the BEST food in the country. I recently had the pleasure of attending at dinner hosted by 8oz Korean Steak House with my Vegas Lifestyle Influencer group. Not only was the food beyond amazing but so was their service, and the d├ęcor of the restaurant was warm and inviting but modern.
 The evening started off with some very fun and unique cocktails. I had a drink called Vegas Sour which is bourbon based. Anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE bourbon. It was mixed with lemon, sour and topped with a fruity red wine. Sounds interesting right? The showstopper was the ice cube, shaped like a skull!!!! #winning I'll be back for this one for sure.
 The first round of BBQ was beef brisket. Yaasssss! It was so good that it didn't even any seasoning or sauces. However, there were plenty of options; spicy mayo, fried salt...yeah you heard right, fried salt, and a ch…
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Makeup In The 702 Lipstick Bar Premier

I recently had the pleasure of attending an event at Sugar Factory Las Vegas for Makeup In The 702 Lipstick Bar premiere. Makeup In The 702 is a local company that specializes in 5 star hair and makeup services, either on location or in their studio. The Lipstick Bar was created to be an "event inside your event." Any event such as birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or divorce parties can have a Lipstick Bar. Think of it this way, men have cigar bars or shot bars at weddings or bachelor parties, ladies can have a lipstick bar. So what happens at a Lipstick Bar? The staff of Makeup In The 702 will do a lipstick reading for each guest. This is where the makeup artists apply a gloss to the lips and have the guest kiss a card. According to the shape of your lips when you kiss, it describes some personality characteristics. There are four different categories: creative/romantic, stubborn/affectionate, generous/good with kids, and negotiator/open-minded.  W…

Wasted Away in Margaritaville

"...searchin' for my lost shaker of salt. Some people claim that there's a woman to blame, but I know it's nobody's fault." Walking into Margaritaville on the Las Vegas strip was literally like walking into a time warp. EVERYTHING is tropical and beach themed; the floor looked like beautiful beach water, there are wooden boats throughout, a pirate walking on stilts, and a girl in a bikini that slides down into an oversized blender. The only thing that was missing was a live Mermaid, which would've been the next job I applied for!
Vegas Lifestyle Influencers had the honor of being hosted at Margaritaville Las Vegas. There was so much yummy food and drinks through out the evening. The night started out with a round of drinks; many of the menu options were either rum or tequila drinks, perfect for being "wasted away." Then followed the food, which started with the oversized plate of nachos. The best part about the nachos, besides the guacamole obv…

Restaurant Week at Honey Salt

If you've ever spent some time in Las Vegas, you would know that we have some of the BEST restaurants in the country, not only on the Las Vegas strip but also off of the strip.  In the early part of July, there was a city wide event called Restaurant Week. Many different restaurants we involved in this event that was to benefit a local non profit organization called Three Square.  Three Square is a local food bank that gives back to the community here is Las Vegas and it's surrounding areas. Volunteers can either donate their time or money to feed families and provide lunches for children. During Restaurant Week, restaurants will create a special menu at a special price just for this week. For example; a three course lunch that includes a starter, main course and dessert for a reduced price of $20.  Many restaurants offered lunch and dinner menus.  I had the pleasure of dining at Honey Salt in Boca Park (Summerlin) during Restaurant Week. They offered a lunch and dinner menu;…

Gypsy Mermaid in the Desert

When you were born near the ocean and love it with all your soul; living in the desert can be a struggle. However, over the last year I've discovered that Las Vegas has some amazing scenery outside of the city. We have some beautiful hiking trails, historical sites, parks, and venues. One of my favorite places is a little park by my house that has some interesting terrain; man-made pond, green grass, a running/biking trial, and random parts of the desert. So of course my photographer Casey Jade and I HAD to do a shoot here. This place as perfect for the juxtaposition was were going for. Scroll down to see some of the fun we had. Also, outfit details below!!!!!! 
*****All photos taken by Casey Jade Photo***** This beautiful statement necklace is from Mirina Collections. I recently became an Ambassador for the company and I'm in love with all of their pieces. You can find them HERE.
This dress is from Shein and comes in two other colors. It was a little shorter than expected b…